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Employer Services

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Live Well EAP provides Employers, Human Resource staff and Managers the tools to make your jobs easier. You and your front-line managers need the tools and services to help deal with important compliance and liability issues. 

We have redefined the EAP concept to include an entire menu of management focused solutions to help you minimize costs and maximize productivity.

Communication & Consultation: LWCC’s EAP Coordinator is available for questions or employer needs

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Services:  Alcohol and drug use affects companies. Many workplaces today have drug-free workplace policies. We can assist in a variety of ways.

Employer Referral/ Performance Management Referrals: Referrals are based upon a pattern of work performance that has raised concerns. These sessions can help employees make needed changes in their performance. When a referral is made, LWCC will assess the employees situation, identify their unique needs, and then assist them in creating and action plan for improvement. After their Performance Management Sessions are completed, the counselor will education the employee about other EAP services that are available to them.

Crisis Managment & Trauma Response: As a manager or leader in your workplace, you may be in the position of making decisions regarding the welfare of your personnel after a traumatic event.  We can help you take care of these needs with services that help maintain the health and well-Being of your employees.

Quarterly Reports – Your company will receive quarterly and annual reports with information regarding the utilization or your EAP.

New Employee Orientation– We assist with onboarding new employees through multiple access points.

Health Fair Booth – LWCC will come directly to you for any occasion to provide a booth or staff meeting with wellness material and information about EAP benefits.

Promotional EAP materialThe biggest challenge to EAP utilization is communicating to employees that there are resources available to them. LWCC provides a variety of promotional materials and information to help you gain awareness in your company.

Additional Employer Resources: These resources include: Live Well EAP Supervisory Manual, List of EAP Services, and more


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