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A few of our clients and/or their family members are located a great distance from the Live Well Counseling Center locations in central Nebraska. For these clients we have licensed therapists located across the country that are able to provide the counseling services our clients are in need of. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of Live Well Counseling Center of Greater Nebraska, please print and fill out our application. Please send the completed application, along with a copy of your profession license, proof of liability insurance, and completed W-9 to:

Live Well Counseling Center of Greater Nebraska

PO Box 5858
3532 W. Capital Ave.
Grand Island, NE 68803



Please note that affiliate providers may only be needed in certain market areas. Live Well Counseling Center carefully selects providers to fill those market needs. If an Affiliate applicant is not accepted into the Live Well Counseling Center network, the applicant will be notified via email and the application may be kept on file for future reference. If an applicant is approved, notification will be made as soon as possible.


(308) 381-7487
In the case of an emergency, call 911.