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LWCC EAP Improves Employee Performance

LWCC EAP services are designed to help employees cope with stressors and improve their well-being, so they can do their best work.

Benefits of utlizing our EAP program: 

  • Increase productivity and engagement
  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Reduce workplace distress
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Retain top talent
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Reduce workers’ compensation claims
  • Address safety and security issues
  • Avoid escalation of mental health challenges into more serious problems
  • Help employees return to work quickly after a leave of absence

We recognize the importance of your employees Mental Health. When employees lack access to needed mental health care, they’re less likely to work effectively and more likely to seek pricey medical care that may not address their needs. Employers bear the financial weight of inadequately treated mental health conditions, often without realizing it. For example:

  • People with mental health disorders make six times as many ER visits and four times as many health care claims as the general population.
  • Over  one-third of disability claims are tied to mental health conditions.
  • Untreated mental illness costs $300 billion per year in lost productivity and related costs.
  • 50% of millennial and 75% of Generation Z workers left jobs in 2019 due at least in part to mental health reason

The need to support workforce mental health is clearer than ever. The number of people looking for help with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues has skyrockted, and while there can be barrier for your employees to access servives, we are dedicated to identiying those barriers and increasing access and utilization. Some of these barriers may include:

  • Stigma – The shame associated with needing mental health support can prevent employees from reaching out for EAP counseling services.
  • Lack of confidentiality – Some people fear their EAP therapist may share their personal information with company leaders or co-workers.
  • Lack of clarity or confidence – Employees may not know what an employee assistance program is or may question its effectiveness. Some people may avoid reaching out because they think they need special permission or a referral in order to use EAP services.
  • Difficult to navigate – EAP features can be hard to understand and the process of getting care can be difficult to navigate. 

LWCC EAP collaborates with you to build a program that meets your needs to enhance your workforce performance and work to eliminate the barriers listed above. 

  • LWCC offers a safe space either in person or through a confidential telehealth platform. Appointments can be made by calling in or requesting an appointment online. 
  • All services are confidential and all Employees are oriented to the rules around confidentiality at their first visit.
  • LWCC offers EAP orientation to all your employees. There is an online video and our EAP coordinator can provide site visits to explain EAP benefits and access. Promotional material is available for you to share with Employees that includes information on how to access. 
  • LWCC understands the need for mutliple access points and options for service delivery. LWCC EAP utlizes our website, social media, and a monthly newsletter to increase access to updates and how to best navigate EAP benefits. 



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In the case of an emergency, call 911.