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Employer Referral/ Performance Management

There are two types of EAP referrals, INFORMAL and FORMAL.

  • Informal Referral: An informal referral is typically NOT associated with a work-related performance concern. An informal referral is simply a recommendation made to the employee letting them know EAP services are available and may be able to help. Informal referrals often lead to a “self-referral” for the employee.
  • Formal Referral: A formal referral is typically associated with a work-related performance concern. When an individual’s work performance begins to suffer as a result of personal problems, a formal referral may be necessary. A formal referral is an attempt by the employer to help the employee restore job performance to a satisfactory level by addressing personal issues that may be interfering with their work.

The goal of any type of formal referral is to help the employee address issues that may be negatively impacting his/her work performance and improve the likelihood of their success. The employee will have an opportunity to address these issues outside of work in a neutral and confidential environment. It also provides an opportunity for the employer to document their efforts in helping the employee improve their performance.

LWCC is here to assist you with the Formal Referal Process. Please reference the below steps.

Step 1:  Employer notifies the Live Well Counseling Center of the upcoming formal referral.
Step 2:  Supervisor administers the formal referral and requests the employee sign a “Release of   Information” consent form.
Step 3: Supervisor forwards a copy of the formal referral documents and release of information to LWCC
Step 4:  Employee contacts Live Well Counseling Center provides basic information to start the scheduling process.
Step 5:  LWCC authorizes an EAP sessions with a provider who then works directly with the employee to schedule their Performance Improvement Coaching session
Step 6:  The EAP can only notify the employer of the employee’s progress in completing an EAP Performance Improvement Coaching if the employee has signed a “Release of Information” consent form.  This form can either be signed at the time of the formal referral or at the time of the Coaching sessions. If the employee refuses to sign the consent form, the EAP is legally barred from sharing any employee information with the employer.  


Supervisors Guide for For EAP Referrals


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In the case of an emergency, call 911.