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New Employee Orientation

We want your employees to access their EAP benefits. LWCC offers several delivery options for edcuating  New Employees about their EAP benefits. 

EAP Orientation video - this video can be accessed on our website and viewed at any time. 

New Employee Orietation Informational Packet - We can provide your HR department with a packet of inforamtion to had to all new employees or if you provide us with an email, we can connect and provide them with the same material. Please communicate with our EAP coordinator on how we can connect with new Employees. 

Promotional Material. - You can request promotional material through our website or by contacting the EAP coordinator to hand out to new and all employees.

In Person Orietation - Want us to visit on your work-site? Great! Conact us to schedule a time to come out and share more our your EAP benefits at employees staff meetings, or retreets. 


(308) 381-7487
In the case of an emergency, call 911.