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Wellness Coaching

What is coaching? Coaching is used to assist an individual with enhancing job performance,
advancing in a career, or achieving greater satisfaction or success with a job, career, or business. 

How can it help an employee? Coaching will focus on helping improve knowledge, skills or
expertise to achieve the coachee’s and the organization’s coaching goals. Together coach and client create action plans, brainstorm solutions, and troubleshoot potential obstacles to the clients’ long-term success. 

The client will collaborate with the coach on new, more effective individual approaches to engaging and delivering results in a variety of contexts. This is a commitment that takes time and effort and it is up to the client to ensure the coaching sessions do not interfere with meeting her/his work objectives. 

Certified coaches are trained in how to support the client through examining their emotional or behavioral challenges and can teach clients related mental and emotional skills. These problem solving skills don’t only help the client to reach their current goals but are ongoing tools that propel clients forward long after the current session. These skills might include in-the-moment reframing of internal dialogue and self-talk, how to break down goals, examine and understand emotional reactions to behavior, dealing with shame, focusing on strength, or finding motivation when feeling stuck.

Wellness coaching is not therpay and the Coaches are not therapists and therefore do not diagnose or treat mental or physical disease or dysfunction. However, sub-clinical challenges are likely to come up. In the even that further care is needed with a trained Mental Health Therapist, a referal will be provided. 




Disclosure: Coaching is not individual counseling or therapy, also it is not a corrective action to poor perfor-mance. It is an educational process and the information provided during the process is not protected health information. Sharing information between the coaching client and the manager and/or the organiza-tion’s representative related to setting and achieving the coaching goals is part of the process. Information unrelated to the coaching process will be kept con-fidential to the extent requested by the client unless release of the in-formation is required by law.


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In the case of an emergency, call 911.